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Did you think this was a website for a sports team?

Did you think we had some specific kind of information here?

We've tried some ideas for this website, but finally decided just to ask you what you want to see in this space. Put your ideas in the comments. Do a search and we'll track which subjects are requested most. Tell us what you were looking for now and we may just be that kind of website the next time you come by.

Thanks for the feedback!


Submitted by Ryan Taylor (not verified) on

You could always sell the site to the University of Arkansas

Submitted by admin on

For starters, we're not going to sell the domain because it is part of FanMail's email service that offers customers a choice of dozens of domain names that may fit their sports interests. Our customers want a email address for many other reasons than being a fan of the University of Arkansas. We have numerous customers from Australia due to rugby and other sports teams, for instance. That kind of info and feedback has repeatedly demonstrated that there are many organizations that use "razorbacks," so we haven't focused our efforts on appealing to just one school.

Submitted by Blake (not verified) on

Is this just a parked page? Or are there actual plans for it?

Submitted by admin on is one of many domains in FanMail Email Service's portfolio. The domains have mostly been used purely for the email service, but we've decided to put websites up instead of redirecting to FanMail's email website. There are ideas others pitched to us and some ideas we've had. While we are busy developing other sites in the FanMail portfolio, we are hoping for the natural traffic to and our other sites to help guide us on which path we should follow.

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